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FREE Interactive activities for the important conversations. 

The therapeutic 
resource platform.

Who are we

We are a team of professionals who have developed this resource directory to provide you with the tools you need to deliver your direct key working sessions to children, young people and vulnerable adults. We aim to help you inspire meaningful conversations with the vulnerable people you work with.  Our platform offers hundreds of resources and interactive activities to utilize.


As social workers and children's services professionals, we understand the challenges that come with working in this field. That's why we've created this platform to offer you the tools and resources you need to succeed and navigate your role with confidence. 

Our resources include...


We offer a diverse selection of PowerPoint presentations on various subjects. Some of our PowerPoint offerings even feature interactive elements such as quizzes that spark engaging discussions and promote learning. 


Our collection of worksheets covers a variety of topics such as anger management, CV writing, and relationship building. These worksheets are ideal for both indipendent  and one-on-one sessions. 



Conversation ques

We understand the significance of conversing with our youth and value it greatly. Therefore, we offer a variety of engaging activities accompanied by clear instructions that trigger meaningful and invaluable  discussions.

Interactive activities 

Our interactive activities are highly sought-after! They serve as a great means to initiate engaging conversations and foster strong connections. Plus, the majority of these activities do not require any writing!

Who are our resources targeted to

Young people

Vounrable adults 

Looked after children

Childrens services 



Choose a topic and explore the resources! 

Targeted resources for comprehending and engaging in discussions concerning emotional topics such as anger, abuse, sadness, trauma, and grief.

This section delves into significant social issues that impact young people, and provides guidance on how to become an engaged participant in society, including advocating for their own rights and the rights of others.

These resources aim to equip young people with a comprehensive understanding of the risks and dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. They cover concepts such as addiction, peer pressure, and seeking help.

Resources that specifically cater to educating young people on safeguarding, which not only covers the role of social services but also how to protect themselves from various dangers, including cyberbullying and abuse.

The resources here are tailored for professionals working with young people vounrable to criminality. They address crucial topics such as the repercussions of criminal actions, delving into the underlying causes of their behavior, including external factors, and providing guidance on how to make better decisions. 

The resources offered in this section cover essential life skills. This includes guidance on money management, composing an effective CV, knowledge of laws and one's rights, understanding the education system as well as developing decision-making skills, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

The resources in this section offer comprehensive coverage on effective communication. Specifically, they provide guidance on how to communicate effectively with different people and the impact words, body language, and behavior can have on others. .

this section aim to assist young people in developing, comprehending, and preserving various forms of relationships. They provide guidance on identifying the subtleties that differentiate healthy relationships from those that are not. In addition, they offer insight on establishing boundaries and ensuring safety.

A variety of check-in and check-out activities designed to gauge the young person's emotional state for the day.

A range of icebreaker activities suitable for both group & individual work. Choose from exciting energizers calming riddles. 

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